Welcome to the official home of The Admor

“Finding this space is no coincidence.

The journey that led you here is your search for Light, the spirituality within you. The Reality is that whatever it is you ask for, you will receive, in the name of Love and Gratitude, to reach the Freedom from physical boundaries.”

Admor of Malta

What you can find on this website

As the founder and Grand Master of the United Order of Light, The Admor’s mission is to be available to individuals, or groups of people, seeking Spiritual Teachings to find unlimited Light and live unconditional Love, or a Blessing to overcome a challenging situation.

The Knowledge and Wisdom on this site are not denominational but belong to universal spirituality. This site is not affiliated to any particular religion. What you will find here is information about The Admor’s Gifts of Life and how these can help any individual, irrespective of their belief, race or condition, to make the transformational changes needed for Health, Prosperity and Wellbeing.

The Admor lives on the premise that what money cannot buy, He cannot take. So whatever is requested and received through this website is completely unconditional and free of any material or moral obligations. No donations are accepted.

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