Archives: December 2013


Since we met you everything in our lives have changed. You make us feel protected and safe and that’s why we wanted to make this surprise for you, hope you like it. Thank you for teaching us the meaning of this world, and the best way to be connected with G-d. We are VERY glad and happy that you married us, it was something really special, and one of the most important moments of our lives. After the marriage, you told us that we were going to come back to Argentina from our honey moon with a surprise, and when we were back I was pregnant of Schmuel. Schmuel is the most beautiful thing we have in our lives and we feel really privileged that you made him his Brit Mila. In conclusion you were the one who was there on the most two important moments of our lives, praying for us and guiding us, and we will be thankful with you forever. G-d bless you eternally!

Mendel, Geraldine, Baby Schmuel and Baby Abigail