Archives: April 2015

Message of the Admor for 2015

As we start 2015 Admor would like to share with you a few thoughts about life.

In the five Books of Moses, God said “and they will build a temple in the their heart and I will live there.” This world is all about to build a receptacle as a temple in order to receive the infinite love and light from the Master of the Universe, the Almighty God. This receptacle that we should build is to restore the light of God and to transmit it to all humankind around us in order to make a balance in the universe. As God created the world for humankind to continue the creation; unfortunately humankind destroy the planet and kill each other.

Another concept for understanding is that of time. Time is illusion invented by humankind and humankind became a slave of the time, how funny is it because God is eternity and our soul is eternity. So one of the biggest mission of the Admor in this world is that humankind will understand the journey to God in order to connect to his light and understand that the most important issue is to be united as one soul with one receptacle so God really will enjoy from humankind and not consider destroying the evilness that is coming from humankind like in the time of Noah.

To share with you an important understanding about love that is coming from the Admor, while Admor sees that people do not understand what is love and how to treasure it. As we can see people fall in love in a second and then in another the love is no longer there.

The three steps (dimensions) that humankind can use to protect the love and keep for eternity: estetica, etica and respect.

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