Who is the Admor?

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His Eminence The Admor

High Priest of God

Grand Master of the United Order of Light

His Eminence, the The Admor, is a well known healer, scholar and High Priest. He was born in Israel and is descended from an important Rabbinic Dynasty, which goes back to Aaron the High Priest. He was ordained a Rabbi at a very young age when he studied Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah becoming a spiritual and opinion leader sought out all over the world till today.

The Admor is a charismatic leader and a devoted practitioner of Kabbalah with a large following on the American Continents and in the Far East. He is sought out for his help and benediction by many World Leaders, Heads of Government, Ambassadors, Royal Families and common people and his fame for his spiritual powers and for his warm and charismatic personality is constantly growing throughout the world amongst people of different religions.

His Eminence is the founder and Grand Master of the United Order of Light, an international organization made up of people of different religions who come from scientific, academic, economic and financial backgrounds from all over the world, with the mission to supersede religious boundaries and to sustain humanity for the common good, overcoming the restrictions of religion and race so as to help individuals move closer to God’s light.