What is the United Order of Light

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The United Order of Light is a spiritual order which devotes itself to the fundamental values of eternal life, light, love and compassion. It is an international order independent from any religion, kingdom, state, nation, government and other temporal authorities.

The principal aim of the Order is to bring humankind closer to God independently from any religion or creed. Religions have been many times, over the centuries, the culmination of inhuman wars.

The intention of the Order is elevate the human dimension directly to the Present Light of God, beyond the level of religions.  The Order is not interested in the differences between the diverse faiths, but considers the similarities between the existing principal religions and their common foundation, that is, the witness of a Unique God.

According to the Order, it is legitimate that Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Hindus etc continue to follow their religion.  Its objective is for all to be together in the recognition of the Existence of God and to witness the Present Light of God, other than be locked in wars and brotherly destruction.  Religions are only an invention of human beings and their purpose is for man to simply serve the religion he professes.  Religions do not serve God and they do not serve the human being because one cannot kill in the name of a benevolent God.  In fact, a benevolent God cannot be satisfied by the fact that His children kill each other in His name simply, because they are members of different religions.  We are all children of God and we are all brothers, then as brothers, we should acknowledge the existence of one Sole Creator, overcoming the diverse concepts of religions and respect each other, possibly unite and witness the Present Light of God and believe in one Sole Creator – God. 

The Order addresses the spirit and therefore every action is always the ultimate goal to enhance culture and values of spirituality and faith in God. The dimensions of spirituality is love in all its forms, compassion, care for others, charity, human rights and the weakest, brotherhood.

The Order is the means that our Grand Master leads us in the physical world, in time-space, the spiritual dimension of existence, the role and importance of God and the human world, attracting humans’ attention on those issues that unfortunately many times throughout eras might be overlooked or neglected because of the daily needs.