What does jealousy tell you?

It’s spring; a time to acknowledge the shadows of emotions and transform the stress they bring to the soul into a bright Light that guides us to live peacefully and harmoniously.

Jealousy is the shadow in the soul that resides where there is love, attraction or attachment to a person, or an object we would like to call our own.

But my first challenge to you is, can you actually claim anyone or anything your own? Are you yourself your own person or are you just a channel through which Life unfolds into a thing of beauty? And what about your children? Are they not the same?

And what are possessions if not means to honour our living by offering wellbeing? But wellbeing is within us anyway; we just need to be aware of it and keep in touch with it. Any attachment to an external possession is a tool to turn us into slaves, robbing us of our very own and pure source of love and joy.

Jealousy is a force of gravity present in all humankind. But not every person decides or is free to allow it the same place in their life. Despite the negative connotations we may have about jealousy, there is a reason why it resides in our souls. It measures the value we hold for another person or desire. Handled with consciousness, isn’t that enough motivation to work toward achieving what we want and ensuring we act in the best practice to keep that what we desire?

The maneuver here is not to turn that motivation into a cage, where our self, our soul, our freedom are sacrificed to hold on to what we have made into a need without which we cannot live in peace. Like harmony, jealousy needs balance to give us what we need and the weight that balances its force is the strength to be brave and let go. At the end, will not that what is ours come back to us? If it doesn’t, it never was and it is not worth investing our energies on someone, or something that does not appreciate the value of our love.

In its pure form, jealousy protects us from exposing our loved ones to the greed of others who may not share the same amount of love for the person or object we love. It is the gauge that keeps us on our toes to ensure we give our loved one/s the sense of trust and confidence that ensure loyalty.

Take a child. Children are born jealous of their parents and instinctively they wouldn’t want to share them as they want to have all their love and attention...

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