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Some need words and some need gestures.

The Admor needs nothing but the vigor of his gaze and intensity of his presence. From the depth of his being, he helped me find resilience and peace at a particular moment of my life. His sensibility and profound wisdom make him as magic as he is real.

Nathalie S.

The Admor is wonderful. He blesses our lives with love and light.

Natalia M.

Dear his Eminence Admor ,

I must start by saying that this letter is overdue. I have been wanting to write it for a very long time but unfortunately my life hasn't been easy in every aspect starting with Jacob GurArie's health, my personal life and the divorce and finally my move to Florida.

We are all caught in our everyday lives but one thing for sure you are one person I think of and come in our conversations often. I think of you for many reasons Admor. I must say that I am very blessed that my path crossed me to you.

I feel very lucky and fortunate to have met you and I can say that you have changed the lives of many around me including mine. When I first met you, I was pregnant with my baby that we all knew was going to have a lot of complications when he would be born. But unfortunately we didn't know how bad his health situation would be until he came into this world March 21, 2012 and that's when it all began.

Actually I must say it began a bit before when the first time I saw you on FaceTime with my brother Moshe and I was very nervous to meet you because I had heard a lot of great and miraculous things you had done. So when I saw you in camera a sense of calm and relief came to my soul. I felt already protected by you, I can't explain why but that was my first impression of you and from that moment Admor from Malta came to my mind and my language often when speaking with Moshe and David. 

I still remember your first words: be positive, believe in the light and uncross your arms (Admor says no good to cross the arms). After that I delivered my beautiful baby boy Jacob (named after my father). I remember asking David and Moshe to always stay in contact with you for a blessing for Jacob and you were always there to respond no matter what time of the day it was. I remember going to them to contact you when Jacob was very very sick and I remember at that time I hadn't named him yet and you were again always there to give us the best of advice and mostly blessings for Jacob.

Here are a few things Admor said:

1. "Admor says that Esther needs to get C-section" - I was almost going to deliver naturally when Doctors came at the last minute to tell me "You will have a C-section". Once again you always knew what was about to happen.

2.    "This little boy needs to have his name" and right away we did Jacob's naming on a Thursday morning at the synagogue.

3.   "Tell Esther she needs to light up 12 candles and read this" And right away it was done because I believed that Admor was looking out for Jacob.

4.   "We need to add him a second name and Admor will come back with the best name"  and I had tears and lots of tears when David called me that you had opened the Sefer Torah and you couldn't believe what a special name came to you... "GurArie (Baby Lion)"

5.    "Tell Esther GurArie is fighting for his life because she fought for him", it was so special what you had told my brother Moshe to tell me.

6.     "Tell Esther Jacob GurArie needs to have bris" and with your blessings and guidance Jacob was lucky to have a Mohel do his Surgery and at the same time perform the circumcision. It was a sign that his Dr was also a Mohel.

7.      I also remember you saying to Moshe "Don't worry, tell Esther Jacob will have Bar Mitzvah". Again your words were the best thing a mother in my position would want to hear.

8.      Admor said once again tell Doctors Admor says Jacob is not to be removed from the machine and I fought hard with Doctors because I believed Admor was right and knew what was best for Jacob.

I remember my brother Moshe & David always telling me don't worry Admor is praying for him and said he is going to be ok.... All I needed to hear at the moment was your blessing and your comforting voice. I was also very fortunate to have my brother Moshe make Jacob hold the pendant you did for him when he was in Malta with you. Every sign from you was a blessing.

I remember when Jacob was going to go to surgery on a Sunday I found out on Saturday and told my brother  please write to Admor so that when Shabbat is over he can see it and again I hear my brother after always replied to ALL our messages.

I also remember Moshe always telling me you know Admor is praying a lot for Baby Jacob like never before. I know Admor you love my brother a lot and you consider him like a son but I also know Moshe loves you very much and always speaks very highly of you and we all know why - You always look out for us and you are always there to watch over us when we need you.

A lot of your words came to my mind many times like the time you said:

- You will have a boy.... and I had a boy! - You will see he will have beautiful eyes and every time I am with Jacob I have everyone telling me that he has beautiful eyes.

(all this was before Jacob GurArie was even born)  I always asked myself how does Admor know? But again I just don't ask myself anymore because you are so powerful and I saw with my own eyes everything you did.

Also came the time when I was fortunate to meet you for the first time at Rosh Hashanah with Moshe and I was very nervous to meet The Malta but it was the best thing that happened to me to be there with Jacob GurArie and You. I remember you saying to me "Jacob will be very smart but will not like school you will have to push him" by watching Jacob play everyday I see what a smart little boy he is and how your words come to mind.

I want to end this letter by first of all saying Thank you for all you have done for my son Jacob GurArie and myself. You are a blessing in our homes, the Admor I look at for the best blessings and miracles. I must say that we are very lucky we met you and you came to our lives when I needed you the most and when all hope was gone I just remembered your words and all was good.

Thank you for saving my son!

Esther B. & Jacob GurArie B. L.

Dear Admor,

Thank you for being part of my life and teaching me a lot of things. Every time I have a problem, you are the person who listens to me and gives me the best advice, please never change. I hope we can share more things and be together for the rest of our lives.

Wishing you love and light,


Dear Admor,

Thank you for always being there for us and accompanying us through the most important moments of our lives. Your words and advice are always a learning experience. Having you near is a blessing.

All the Love and Light for you,

Deborah and Rafael G.

Dear Admor,

Since the first time I met you, I've been amazed - you didn't know anything about me, but you were able to change my life, and you released me from all the negativity that surrounded me all that time. I really admire your capacity and vocation to help and cure people. It is gratifying to see people come back from tough situations because of your blessings.

I am tremendously grateful for the two wonderful weddings that you made for Mendel and Anabella, and I hope we can continue sharing happy moments together.

Wishing you all light and blessings.

With lots of love,

Gerardo W.

Thank you Admor for everything you have done and are doing for people in need.

I have witnessed miracles after your blessings... Women who could not become pregnant BH had children, and people with cancer who, through your blessing and direct connection with Hashem, were cured.

There has been thousands of miracles for which we cannot thank you enough. May Hashem give you long life and happiness for your help and blessings to continue embracing the world.

Roby T.

My dearest Admor,

Since I met you for the first time, you have been part of my life, really part of the circle of life of my family. We have shared together the most important events of my children: Gregorio and Geraldine's engagement and marriage, Shmuel's Brit Mila , Anabella and Matitiau's engagement and marriage.

You ARE my family.

I can't imagine anymore our life without you, without your guidance and blessings. When you bless me I feel strong and protected by you, and with the feeling that nothing bad can happen.

I am very fortunate that you came to my life, and I hope we will be together for many many more years. When I look at you, at your deep eyes, tears come to my eyes - that is love. Tears of love and happiness.

With all my love and respect,


Dear Admor,

We are very happy to be part of this wonderful book that Gregorio and Geraldine are giving you as a gift because this means that you are important for us and that we are also important for you. We really feel you are part of our family not only because you always want the best for us, but also because from the very beginning you told us we were soul mates and, since then, you have always supported our couple and sent us very positive energy, and this is something that we appreciate from the bottom of our heart.

Needless to say, you are the most special person we have ever met because of your sensitivity, intelligence and ability to give unlimited blessings without expecting anything in return. We feel very special and honored to have had you at our engagement and marriage, and are extremely grateful for this. The chuppah was the most amazing time of our lives, and that was because you created a spiritual environment that transmitted the best light and energy.

We hope that BH, Admor will stay with us in this world for many, many years with health, love and happiness.

We love you and wish you long life and happiness forever.

Anabella & Peto (Hanna & Mattityau)

Dear Admor ,

I thank you for all the blessings you have given me always, and for being such an important person to me and to my family. Thank you for listening to every problem and helping me solve them.

I love and I am glad to have you in my life.

Sara Bat Malka