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Everyday I thank G-d for giving to me such a privilege to have The Admor in my life. Since I met The Admor, everything in my life makes so much sense. Also in the darkest moments there is always The Admor as a flame in my heart. Admor is my Angel, my Mentor, my Father, my Friend but most of all The Admor is one of the Angels that makes miracles of every person who needs help from G-d.


Once upon a time, there was a desire; once upon a time, there was a need; once upon a time, here was pain; and as in the stories that start like this, once upon a time... there was a blessing, and thanks to the blessing, I met The Admor. At that moment my desire was fulfilled, my need was met and pain decreased, it dwindled, weakening.

They say time heals. It maybe so, but I am not so sure. What I am absolutely convinced of is that love heals, and from The Admor I received lots of love! The Admor opened the doors to his heart and to many other hearts that have helped me get well, not to give up, to believe with all my strength in reuniting.

The Admor devoted his time to me, his knowledge, his looks, his hugs, his prayers and his blessings, I am not acquainted yet with his reprimands or his kind care!

We once travelled to New Zealand, to a place especially selected by The Admor, by a stream at the foot of the mountains, with the wonderful company of my dear friends Robi and Dani. The Admor developed his full energy in praying, and as the prayer was coming to an end, I got the giggles and I tried hard but could not avoid it; I started laughing out loud. I laughed so much I felt a strange feeling of plentitude and happiness that was rapidly passed on to Robi and Dani, and the next moment we all burst into laughter - We laughed so much we cried, and we are rolling on the floor without being able to stop laughing. As I looked up, I saw The Admor. The same prayer position, holding his cane. He looked back at me and asked, very seriously "Gustavo what's going on?". At that time I thought, "He'll hit me on the head with his cane". And I answered, in my best English; "Admor...The Angels". The Admor first looked at me with a smile in his eyes and then started laughing as much as we were. The four of us lived a unique moment. I have lived so many unforgettable experiences, and that is why I'd like to thank The Admor for having shared with me his unconditional love and for giving me so much!

I have many good-hearted people to thank: Marcela, the first person who brought me close to The Admor, and opened the doors of her home and family, Gerardo and the children, Adrian, Fafi and the children, Dani and the girls, Calilo, Nathalie and Matu, Marcelo, Dario, Yosi, Robi and so many others who, with love and affection, have returned to me the feeling that I still have so many beautiful things to do.


Dear Admor,

It is always a great pleasure sharing time with you. Whether it is a spiritual talk, Kabbalistic secrets or how we are dealing with our lives, your guidance, teachings and experience give us both good counsel and great knowledge. I hope we continue to be close to one another, and wish you a 120 years long and healthy life.

With all of our love,

Guadalupe and Lucas W.

Since we met you everything in our lives have changed. You make us feel protected and safe and that’s why we wanted to make this surprise for you, hope you like it. Thank you for teaching us the meaning of this world, and the best way to be connected with G-d. We are VERY glad and happy that you married us, it was something really special, and one of the most important moments of our lives. After the marriage, you told us that we were going to come back to Argentina from our honey moon with a surprise, and when we were back I was pregnant of Schmuel. Schmuel is the most beautiful thing we have in our lives and we feel really privileged that you made him his Brit Mila. In conclusion you were the one who was there on the most two important moments of our lives, praying for us and guiding us, and we will be thankful with you forever. G-d bless you eternally!

Mendel, Geraldine, Baby Schmuel and Baby Abigail