Man’s search for meaning

Life’s plan for us is to have the awareness to choose Light that blinds the darkness. That is our power to influence our destiny and move towards what is best for us.

There is no doubt that we are meant to pursue our destiny, always guided by our roots. When we are aligned to our roots, we are empowered to embrace the past, including any dispersed parts that could appear not to fit anywhere, to build a solid present. 

It is the duty of every human being to search for meaning – that is the reason of our being on earth – irrespective of whether we are aware of that meaning or not. It starts with consciousness and awareness. Our inner feeling, our instinct, will take us from one place to another, to find something better.  On this path, we need to be aware of the darkness to be able to choose Light. That is the power of our choice to influence our destiny. We only need to investigate and search to be able to visualise the glory we desire, and be empowered, spiritually and intellectually, to reach it.

However, before this could be achieved, we need first of all to change and correct our attitudes. A flower grows only if the soil is fertile. Likewise, Light shines through us only if our attitude is set at the right angle. A diamond shines brightest at a good angle with Light. Leave it in the dark, and even a diamond can be as dull as a gravestone, not worthy of its value. It is equally important to remember that even in the darkest moments, we enjoy Light within. We only need to connect with it to bring us peace and prosperity.

This is where we need to break from the past and jump out of bad attitudes towards Light.  It is only if we surpass this test that we can be in a position to feel the radiance of Life. With the right attitude, we will be instinctively directed to a fountain of wisdom that enables us to be more knowledgeable and see a path different from what the eyes could physically and normally see.

For this we need to always look at ourselves and withdraw from bad attitudes and change them into positive thoughts. Once Light is received, we need to be regulated by another important tool for a human being – judgment – the ability to decide the level of Light we receive according to our needs. 

The secret of the meaning lies in our ability and openness to receive power from another power that is bigger than us.

Our fortune and Light depend on how receptive we are.