The Power of Light

Light is known to be a simple, infinite, flawless source of energy and power. But to receive Light, we must first deal with our shadow.

Although we all aspire to receive Light, we cannot ignore the reality of shadow. When we sit in the shade, the sun does not shine directly on us, yet it illuminates the shaded area.

For Light to be appreciated, it is most of the time concealed, like a priceless treasure. Yet, even when concealed, Light is still received. Think about gazing at the dazzling sun.  Its dazzle conceals it, for we cannot look at its overwhelming brilliance. Yet when we conceal it, we can still see it but not be harmed by it.

Where there is Light, there is unity. Unity, in turn, brings about understanding, which encourages sharing, followed by affinity, knowledge and, finally, love.

How can we conceive this?  Imagine a ray of sunlight shining through a pure crystal glass. Light is refracted into the different colours of the rainbow.  The sunlight possesses no colour at all but appears to change hue as it passes through the crystal glass.  Coloured light radiates through the crystal glass. The sunlight has not essentially changed, although that is what it seems to the viewer. Likewise, when Light is filtered, through the pure crystal glass, for example, understanding, sharing, affinity, knowledge and love prevail. 

Unity, through Light, makes us stronger.

By way of example, take a diamond in crude form.  A diamond is composed of only one element – carbon.  Diamonds are the strongest known form of matter in the world.  If we put a light directly through it, it will emit a strong beam of light.  Yet if we break this diamond into dust, it loses its colour and becomes black. However, if we were to examine this diamond dust under a microscope, we notice that each individual particle has the same physical attributes as the parent diamond and may even emit a light when this is directed through it. Yet its light will be not as unified and as strong as when it was together, united with its counterparts in one unbroken piece.

The power of Light we receive depends on how receptive we are and the degree of Light we can contain. The Source of love and goodness is infinite. All we need to do to tap that Source is go deep within and prepare ourselves to receive and be open to Light, love and happiness. This improves our quality of life.

Aren’t we all a rose which closes its petals at night time, when light is scarce, but which blooms again in the morning according to the degree of sunlight it receives…