Words, wisdom and the power of silence

As verbal as we may be as human beings, the power of our wisdom lays in our silence not our words. The loudest message of love is the one that is not heard; receiving this gift is a blessing.

Speech is one of man’s most powerful means of communication, but it will lose its effectiveness unless it is governed by silence. The word has a purpose. Its higher meaning facilitates the spreading of wisdom; on a practical level it serves the body and soul to express their needs; in return, these will be met – whether with something material for the body or understanding for the soul.

As our wise ancestors used to say, “the border of wisdom is silence”. Irrespective of the words expressed, these are inherently created in the soul; voiced externally through the mouth, speech may create either good or a bad energy. When a person thinks and speaks through Light, that person is an influence of goodness that generates positivity and abundance.

For man to speak with wisdom, man must learn to listen. Only wisdom is worthy of interrupting this channel which should be kept clear of judgment to receive the signs in their purest intentions. This is what completes man’s lifecycle, including the most mundane messages.

When one shelters in a higher dimension of the encompassing light of silence that enshrouds wisdom, automatically that light is drawn into the inner soul, achieving levels of understanding which are otherwise exclusively found in simple faith. We all find solace in goodness, even when this is not necessarily manifested in the reality as we perceive it. However, as the heart silently accepts reality through the power of faith, we are able to achieve higher levels of faith and understanding.

If man expresses and voices out good intentions and good things, this is tantamount to the creation of the same.  On the other hand, if man uses his mouth as a vehicle not to channel light but to express anger and impatience, then man will likewise be creating a channel of negativity – powerful enough to destroy things.  Man’s anger will be so profound, man will ultimately destroy himself.

Proper speech has long been a cherished value; the experience of humiliation in public or the loss of personal dignity due to undignified speech is considered to be one of the gravest wrongdoings, something akin to murder. If you hurt someone with your words, the only way to redeem yourself is by asking forgiveness directly from that person.

The words that we are bound to express to others are to be said only with the sole purpose to enlighten people.