Wisdom of The Admor

Below you will find an FAQ containing some of the common problems and issues people have faced, and the advice and guidance The Admor has for them. If you find yourself in a similar situation, this segment may give you solace.

How can I improve my financial situation to further my studies and advance in my career?

In order to succeed, first of all you need to connect with your inner self and Light and believe that whatever you want to achieve, you will achieve. You only need to connect with yourself and be specific about what you want. Then believe that you are going to achieve your goals and you will achieve them.

Allow yourself to be open and receptive to the Light that brings about success and abundance. You need to trust that a Higher Being is there for you. Ask the Higher Being for what you want to achieve. You also have to trust yourself, and what you wish to see will appear to you.

I am launching a new business but I fear failure. How can I help myself spiritually to succeed?

When fear is there, it means you do not have enough faith in yourself. You have to connect to your inner Light and believe that whatever you want to achieve will be achieved. Be clear about your intentions; believe you have what it takes to achieve them and move on, looking ahead.

You should know that the power of success is coming from your Light inside. One important thing is to listen to your heart with true faith and understand that you have to be free from fears to succeed. The only way to success is to believe that you can be successful. Believe it with all your heart and compassion.

You should connect to the Light inside you and acknowledge your capabilities to do even the simple things. Whatever you start, you should finish. Fear, anger and sadness block success. Confidence in yourself and your abilities, aligned with your inner Light, will bring you success.

I have been in an on-and-off relationship for a number of years. I broke up with my partner as I was unhappy but I am equally unhappy without him. How can I reach happiness in life and relationships?

The first thing to understand in such a situation is that you are a soul and you have to be open to your inner understanding of what is the reality of your existing life. You have a stormy ocean inside you that moves you like the winds move the waves of the sea and throws you to the rocks. This is painful.

While the ocean represents your spiritual capacity, the rocks represent your suffering in the physical dimension. The time has come for you to find strength in the depth of your soul to balance your feelings and understand the reality of this relationship in the physical universe as it is full of pain and frustration for you.

In life, you can choose to suffer or be happy. Humankind has the privilege to decide. But life is to be respected and appreciated and it is your duty to choose what is right for you. The coming and going of your relationship is destroying you inside and causing you a lot of confusion. Be strong, derive strength from your Inner Being and find peace in the knowledge that you are doing what is right for you. It is the decision to choose what is best for you that will lead you to a life of happiness and unconditional love.

I feel love and abundance which I would like to share with my family and the world. How can I transmit this surge of love?

This wish that is coming from deep in your soul is wonderful. What is important to understand is that even your thought, your inner feeling to share your Love and Light with other people is the miracle that Life gives to people with this kind of mission. Light is infinite and is planted in every individual, but not everyone has the capacity to understand it and share it for the benefit of balance in the universe. If just 1 million people out of 7 billion in the world follow this mission that comes directly from the soul and do what you wish to do, this planet would be a different place to live in.

You are therefore required to use the power of simplicity in everything you do and say. Connect with this inner feeling to spread your love to others, and this energy will appear to you and will cover people like a coat and influence them.

Since the loss of my only brother, my health got worse. I have two elderly parents to look after. How can I improve my health?

May you find the power and strength to overcome this pain. Connect to the reality humankind lives in. Remember that the world is an illusion; if you think that in 100 years’, we would have all been replaced. Every generation comes back to make corrections. What is important is to continue enjoying the Gift of Life. Allow yourself to be open to happiness. Find it in little things. The loss of your brother is sad, but he will be happy to see his sister carrying his memory in the happiness of life. His memory will continue to exist in your memory, so connect to that memory and understand that this is the way life is as we know it since we were born, not when it is time to leave this world.

I am in love with a married man. I would like us to be together but he is not free, despite his family problems. How shall I be guided?

You have to understand that this man’s soul is filled with a wife and a family. You cannot ask him to destroy his relation because you want him to be with you. So be strong and allow him the space to let himself free from the obligations of the present family. Only then can you receive his love and be happy with him as you wish.

The only way to live a happy life with the person you love is to have a pure soul to receive the Light. Before he is free, do not give yourself to the strong feelings and sense of anticipation. When the moment is right, love and the relationship you would like will appear.

I have had many relationships but men never committed to my love. How can I open myself to the right relationship with the intention to build a family?

The wish to create a family is a wonderful and noble sentiment. However, it is equally important to understand that in this physical world, we do not all have the same mission. Connect to your inner self and listen to your Light. Your first obligation is to open yourself up to happiness, to have the ability to share your love with others. If you choose to connect to the complications, illusions, pain and frustrations of this world, you are tapping into a negativity that will only drag you down in unhappiness. While you cannot push for what does not appear to you, you have to make the best of your ability to find joy.

It is never late to find your soulmate. You just need to tap into your inner joy and be open for the right relationship to appear to you.

My life has been ruined by a man with bad intentions. I now feel sick, lonely and afraid. How can I find peace and health?

You are in a field of energy where you have doubts about your life and your feelings, which are riddled with frustrations. You need to be kind to yourself and open up to receive and feel the warmth of the infinite Light that lies inside you. Believe in yourself and connect to that Light that brings balance in your life. This will give you happiness and good health.