Words of Wisdom

Guidance and Wisdom from The Admor

The Day of Atonement

As humans we are all bound to sin and make mistakes. It is for this reason that the soul needs a means to ask for forgiveness and a space to make corrections – this is the way it is brought back in line with its higher purpose and respect for humankind.

In the Jewish tradition, Yom Kippur, or the Day of Atonement, is a very special ritual. It celebrates a deep and meaningful connection to the Creator and it encourages the humbleness of the individual’s ego to acknowledge sin and ask for forgiveness. The ritual also requires abstinence – a powerful message to the soul that despite the discomfort of deprivation – which is difficult for both body and soul – both can survive and purify themselves. Through cleansing, a purer and more sublime self emerges.

One cannot refer to this Jewish celebration without honouring the heroic Queen Esther, a smart and beautiful woman. Persian in origin, her name contains all the secrets of the future. The knowledge contained in these secrets is the tool to bridge and elevate the physical world to a new dimension – connecting the outside physical universe with the inner spiritual level.

With Creation came Light...

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Words, wisdom and the power of silence

As verbal as we may be as human beings, the power of our wisdom lays in our silence not our words. The loudest message of love is the one that is not heard; receiving this gift is a blessing.

Speech is one of man’s most powerful means of communication, but it will lose its effectiveness unless it is governed by silence. The word has a purpose. Its higher meaning facilitates the spreading of wisdom; on a practical level it serves the body and soul to express their needs; in return, these will be met – whether with something material for the body or understanding for the soul.

As our wise ancestors used to say, “the border of wisdom is silence”. Irrespective of the words expressed, these are inherently created in the soul; voiced externally through the mouth, speech may create either good or a bad energy. When a person thinks and speaks through Light, that person is an influence of goodness that generates positivity and abundance.

For man to speak with wisdom, man must learn to listen...

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The Power of Light

Light is known to be a simple, infinite, flawless source of energy and power. But to receive Light, we must first deal with our shadow.

Although we all aspire to receive Light, we cannot ignore the reality of shadow. When we sit in the shade, the sun does not shine directly on us, yet it illuminates the shaded area.

For Light to be appreciated, it is most of the time concealed, like a priceless treasure. Yet, even when concealed, Light is still received. Think about gazing at the dazzling sun. Its dazzle conceals it, for we cannot look at its overwhelming brilliance. Yet when we conceal it, we can still see it but not be harmed by it.

Where there is Light, there is unity. Unity, in turn, brings about understanding, which encourages sharing, followed by affinity, knowledge and, finally, love.

How can we conceive this?...

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Man’s search for meaning

Life’s plan for us is to have the awareness to choose Light that blinds the darkness. That is our power to influence our destiny and move towards what is best for us.

There is no doubt that we are meant to pursue our destiny, always guided by our roots. When we are aligned to our roots, we are empowered to embrace the past, including any dispersed parts that could appear not to fit anywhere, to build a solid present.

It is the duty of every human being to search for meaning - that is the reason of our being on earth – irrespective of whether we are aware of that meaning or not. It starts with consciousness and awareness. Our inner feeling, our instinct, will take us from one place to another, to find something better. On this path, we need to be aware of the darkness to be able to choose Light. That is the power of our choice to influence our destiny. We only need to investigate and search to be able to visualise the glory we desire, and be empowered, spiritually and intellectually, to reach it.


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